The principle of your consultation will be to identify an imbalance in the body system, with a strong focus on the clinical aspects of Nutrition. Each consultation includes nutritional microscopy/live blood analysis as standard (see here for more information).


Natural medicine considers disease as a general condition that localises rather than a localised condition that generalises. In other words, the person is viewed as a whole and not a whole lot of parts. This approach is holistic. The majority of the time, we will see improvements in our health when we correct and balance the terrain (our body system). A healthy terrain depends on proper hydration, good nutrition, the correct pH and electromagnetic charge (acid/alkaline), optimal oxygenation and minimal toxicity. From a nutritional point of view, eating a healthy balanced diet is one aspect.  Avoiding food sensitivities, improving and balancing gut microbiome, addressing parasites, minimizing pesticides/chemicals/additives, replenishing lost minerals and nutrients from poor quality soils and farming techniques are just some other aspects that we may not have thought about.