Live & Coagulated Blood Morphology

Live blood analysis allows the Practitioner to get a glimpse into the internal environment of the patient's body, giving valuable insight into imbalances and health concerns. It also gives you, the patient, the chance to see how your lifestyle is impacting your health. At follow up appointment you are able to visually see the effect of any lifestyle modifications or interventions. 

The process is simple and fairly non invasive. A small fingerprick of blood is collected and analysed under a high magnification using a specialised microscope. Various blood morphologies are able to be seen which may indicate underlying imbalances, nutrient deficiencies and weaknesses in the body. The insights gained here, and in correlation with other clinical data enables the patient and practitioner to understand the individual state of health on a much deeper level.

Lifestyle and dietary interventions can be discussed and progress monitored. It is important to understand that this technique, worldwide, is not a diagnostic procedure for any particular disease. It detects underlying imbalances in the biological terrain of the body which influences how well the body can deal with disease and heal itself. Certain morphologies may raise concern or suspicion of specific diseases in which case further medically diagnostic testing will need to be done. It is a tool used to demonstrate how dietary and lifestyle habits may be influencing health and where appropriate adjustments may be necessary within these areas to optimise health and be used as a potentially preventative course of action. 

The development of most chronic, degenerative conditions can be prevented through early nutritional intervention and live blood analysis can detect many nutritional imbalances and deficiencies. Live blood is especially helpful as part of a preventative approach. Our blood comes into contact with almost every cell in the body. It carries vital nutrients and oxygen to the cells and waste products away. By understanding what is happening with the blood, we have a better chance of understanding how we are to look after our body system.

The information gained from this consultation is to be used as a complement to that advice and treatment given by a qualified healthcare practitioner. The information given is not intended to diagnose or treat a given disease. We live in a country, and a time, where we are blessed to have access to life saving and life extending modern medicine. Natural therapies are complementary to this and where they can used as a potentially preventative measure then this helps ease the burden  on the healthcare system and promotes a better health outcome for YOU.